Reports to Members and Audits

Promoting Education and Attainment of the Highest Level of Knowledge and Understanding of Clinical Neurophysiology

The International Federation of Clinical Neurophysiology (IFCN) has member societies in 62 countries. The IFCN mission is to promote best practice in clinical neurophysiology through education and research throughout the world. And our vision is to improve healthcare worldwide by understanding the nervous system and optimizing the diagnosis and treatment of its disorders through clinical neurophysiology.

This is the IFCN ExCo for this fiscal period: (left to right going up the stairs) Drs. Mark Hallett, Ulf Ziemann, Renato Verdugo, Jonathan Cole, Walter Paulus, Donald Sanders, Aatif Husain, Ricky Kakigi, Stephanie Stevenson (Secretariat Office), David Burke and Jorge Gutierrez.
This is the IFCN ExCo for the last fiscal period: (left to right going up the stairs) Drs. Reinhard Dengler, Liying Cui, Ulf Ziemann, Paolo Rossini, Kaz Ugawa, Renato Verdugo, Mark Hallett, David Burke, Stephanie Stevenson (Secretariat Office).

IFCN Annual Audits

The IFCN audits are performed annually in January of the year immediately following the tax year to which the audit applies. They contain the statements of operations and changes in net assets and cash flows of the year January 01 to December 31. The information supplied to the auditor is the responsibility of the IFCN Treasurer. The audit is completed in accordance with Canadian tax law and accepted auditing standards of Canada. The IFCN is a “for-not-profit” organization and is not subject to tax.

It is the responsibility of the Delegates to reappoint the Auditor on an annual basis. It is assumed that the Auditor is to be reappointed unless a 2/3 majority of Delegates inform the Treasurer that they wish the Auditor replaced by another. Reasons for this must be given and the Treasurer must be informed within three (3) months of the Audit being posted on the IFCN Web site. A new Auditor can only commence at the end of a Tax year (December 31).

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