Promoting Education and Attainment of the Highest Level of Knowledge and Understanding of Clinical Neurophysiology

The International Federation of Clinical Neurophysiology (IFCN) has member societies in 62 countries. The IFCN mission is to promote best practice in clinical neurophysiology through education and research throughout the world. And our vision is to improve healthcare worldwide by understanding the nervous system and optimizing the diagnosis and treatment of its disorders through clinical neurophysiology.

The IFCN supports a number of publishing activities, through the publishing house, Elsevier.

We publish two journals:

  • Clinical Neurophysiology is the highest ranked journal in this discipline in the world, and in it we present the latest in research findings, addressing the pathophysiology of the diseases and disorders seen by practicing clinical neurophysiologists and how the disturbed function deviates from normal. For further details, please click here.
  • Clinical Neurophysiology Practice is an Open Access on-line only journal that focuses on clinical practice issues in clinical neurophysiology including relevant new research, case reports or clinical series, normal values and didactic reviews. The focus on clinical practice issues in clinical neurophysiology thus helps address the educational mission of IFCN.  For further details, please click here.

Education and the maintenance of practice standards are prime goals of IFCN, and these goals are also supported by other publications under the IFCN banner:

  1. The history of the IFCN is documented in a Supplement to Clinical Neurophysiology, Vol. 61, “Wave length and Action Potentials: History of the International Federation of Clinical Neurophysiology” by two Past-Presidents of IFCN, Marc R. Nuwer and Carl H. Lücking, published by Elsevier in 2010. Copies of this book were distributed to registrants at the International Congress of Clinical Neurophysiology, Kobe, 2010 and at the European Congress of Clinical Neurophysiology, Rome, 2011. If you have important or interesting photographs of persons or events associated with the history of IFCN, please contact either Professor Nuwer (mrn@ucla.edu) or Professor Lücking (c.h.luecking@gmx.de). 
  2. Recommendations and glossaries for the practice of clinical neurophysiology are presented in a single book, Recommendations for the Practice of Clinical Neurophysiology: Guidelines of the IFCN published in 1999. This book meant to be useful to the physician as well as to advanced technologists and basic scientists. It is meant to set forth routines of methodology as well as give guidance to the student in better understanding how we conduct our practice. The International Federation of Clinical Neurophysiology (IFCN) is the sponsor of these guidelines. Please click here to access the book, Recommendations for the Practice of Clinical Neurophysiology: Guidelines of the IFCN.   In addition, guidelines for the practice specific areas of clinical neurophysiology are commissioned from time to time by the Executive Committee of IFCN, written by chosen experts in the field, and are published in our journal, “Clinical Neurophysiology” after full peer review. Review articles are commissioned by the Editor-in-Chief, in consultation with the Associate Editors, from recognized international experts, to address important growing points in the specialty.  
  3. Handbook of Clinical Neurophysiology : The Guidelines volume is not meant to be a comprehensive treatise, but rather to address the most commonly used techniques in the field. Indeed, many of the newest and most interesting topics cannot be covered in a volume of this brevity. More complete coverage of the scientific basis of clinical neurophysiology and of the diseases and disorders seen commonly by clinical neurophysiologists can be found in the Handbook Series (Handbook of Clinical Neurophysiology series editors Jasper R. Daube and François Mauguière, published by Elsevier under the auspices of the IFCN between 2003 and 2010). This series of books represents the ultimate reference source for academic clinical neurophysiologists. Nine volumes have been published to date, each edited by an expert chosen by the Series Editors and the Executive Committee of IFCN, and include chapters covering all relevant covering: Movement Disorders, Clinical Neurophysiology of Disorders of Muscle and Neuromuscular Junction, Including Fatigue, Presurgical Assessment of the Epilepsies with Clinical Neurophysiology and Functional Imaging, Clinical Neurophysiology of Motor Neuron Diseases, Disorders of Visual Processing, Clinical Neurophysiology of Sleep Disorders, Peripheral Nerve Diseases, Intraoperative Monitoring of Neural Function, and Vertigo and Imbalance: Clinical Neurophysiology of the Vestibular System. For further details of these books please click here
  4. Supplements to Clinical Neurophysiology: This series provides an opportunity for the publication of papers from major scientific meetings under the IFCN banner, where those meetings address cutting-edge issues. For a publication to appear under the auspices of IFCN in this series, it must first be endorsed by the Executive Committee of IFCN, which will approve the Editors and content of the proposed volume. The editorial tasks and the costs of production are then the responsibility of the proponents for the volume and their sponsors. The Abstracts of International Congresses and Congresses of Chapters of IFCN are published as Supplements in the electronic version of Clinical Neurophysiology.  For further details of the Supplements, please click here.

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