Clinical Neurophysiology Practice

Promoting Education and Attainment of the Highest Level of Knowledge and Understanding of Clinical Neurophysiology

The International Federation of Clinical Neurophysiology (IFCN) has member societies in 62 countries. The IFCN mission is to promote best practice in clinical neurophysiology through education and research throughout the world. And our vision is to improve healthcare worldwide by understanding the nervous system and optimizing the diagnosis and treatment of its disorders through clinical neurophysiology.

In 2016, the International Federation of Clinical Neurophysiology (IFCN) commenced a new journal, Clinical Neurophysiology Practice (CNP), published by Elsevier as a companion journal to Clinical Neurophysiology.

Clinical Neurophysiology Practice (CNP) is an Open Access on-line only journal that focuses on clinical practice issues in clinical neurophysiology including relevant new research, case reports or clinical series, normal values and didactic reviews. The focus on clinical practice issues in clinical neurophysiology thus helps address the educational mission of IFCN, complementing our research-orientated journal, Clinical Neurophysiology, which continues under Editor-in-Chief, Professor Ulf Ziemann. 

Clinical Neurophysiology Practice can be accessed on-line, at

We welcome your submissions through the Elsevier Electronic Submission portal:

Types of manuscripts for consideration include: educational reviews and expert-consensus clinical practice guidelines, original research papers (including papers reporting normative data), extended case reports, systematic reviews, editorials, and Letters to the Editor.

The founding Editor-in-Chief is Professor David Burke.


The Editorial team for Clinical Neurophysiology Practice comprises leading clinicians from around the world. The team is:


David Burke (Australia)


Josep Valls-Solé (Spain)


North American Chapter

Andrew Eisen (Canada)

Jayant Acharya (USA)
Peter Kaplan (USA)

Daniel Menkes (USA)

Janice M. Massey (USA)

European Chapter

Letizia Leocani  (Italy)

Nick Kane (UK)

Edvard Ehler (Czech Republic)

Martin Sommer (Germany)

Hatice Tankisi (Denmark)

Latin American Chapter

Armando Tello (Mexico)

Luis Otavio S.F. Caboclo (Brasil)

Carlos Otto Heise (Brasil)

Valia Rodríguez (Cuba)

Lilia de la Maza (Mexico)

Asian Oceanian Chapter

Masahiro Sonoo (Tokyo)

Ying-Zu Huang (Taiwan)

Mingcheng Liu (China)

Jae-Moon Kim (South Korea)

Nortina Shahrizaila (Malaysia)


Maggie Marsh-Nation (USA)

Kimberley Whitehead (UK)

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