Equipment Donations

Donations of used neurophysiological equipment

The IFCN facilitates the exchange of used neurophysiological equipment. Members of national societies and of the ICNS may send corresponding messages containing all necessary information to the IFCN secretariat.

The IFCN is responsible only for distribution of this information and facilitating contacts between persons and institutions via its website. It will NOT be responsible for transfer of equipment nor for financial support for transport, insurance, customs, maintenance, repair, supplies or any other expenses associated with the equipment exchange.

The ExCo of the IFCN wishes to encourage donations of used equipment and would appreciate if members would make use of this new website facility. For further information, please, contact our Vancouver Secretariat (

Requested Donations:


Wanted:  EEG machines for a hospital in the SW of Uganda for epilepsy and wider diagnoses. Preferably one solid one, but paperless, for the hospital and one portable paperless for rural clinics. Training for working the machines will be an integral part of any offer so that the machines are well used and training can be rolled out to a wider audience.

This request comes from the East London NHS Foundation Trust (  The organization that would benefit from this dontion is the  Mbarara Regional Referral Hospital.   The hospital also serves as the teaching hospital (facility) of the Mbara University of Science and Technology.

For further information or to donate, please contact Frances St. John at

Azerbaijan Republic:

After having completed the EEG and epilepsy training supported by the IFCN scholarship program, Dr. Nabi Rustamov intends to start EEG recording in his home institution. Since their EEG machine is very old and has only 8 channels, he would like to have a more modern type of EEG recording system, and would be happy to receive a used one.

Dr. Rustamov can be reached at


The IFCN has received a request for used neurophysiological instruments from Dr. Olufemi E. Idowu of Nigeria. Nigeria is the populous country in Africa (140 million people). EEG machines are widely in use, but sadly they are virtually the only form of neurophysiological testing available.

Dr. Idowu wonders if the IFCN member societies would have any of the following to donate: Evoked potential (SSEP, VEP, BAEP) EMG and NCV machines. Dr. Idowu adds that it would be wonderful if he could get the machines that can also be used intraoperatively.

If you have a donation that would be suitable, please contact Dr. Idowu directly at


After having completed the training in EMG and neuromuscular disorders supported by the scholarship of IFCN, Dr. Armen Galstyan (the only specialist in north of Armenia) started to perform EMG in his home hospital. Since his EMG machine is very old analogue one, he would be happy to have a second hand digital EMG equipment, if possible, with a possibility to do also evoked potentials. His principal email is: GALSTYAN@MH.AMHis other email is:

Dr. Heghine Muradyan from Armenia is requesting an EMG machine.  Dr. Muradyan can be reached at 14 Titogradyan, 0087, Yerevan, Armenia. Her email is: