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Top 20 from the Last 10
Please find below a list of the 20 top cited articles in the last ten years (2007 - 2016) from Clinical Neurophysiology (ordered by the highest number of citations). This listing is updated once per year.

2007 Updating P300: An integrative theory of P3a and P3b
Polich J.
Clin Neurophysiol 118, Pages 2128-2148
Citations: 2152
2009 Safety, ethical considerations, and application guidelines for the use of transcranial magnetic stimulation in clinical practice and research
Rossi, S., Hallett, M., Rossini, P.M., Pascual-Leone, A., Avanzini, G., Bestmann, S., Berardelli, A., Brewer, C., Canli, T., Cantello, R., Chen, R., Classen, J., Demitrack, M., Di Lazzaro, V., Epstein, C.M., George, M.S., Fregni, F., Ilmoniemi, R., Jalinous, R., Karp, B., Lefaucheur, J.-P., Lisanby, S., Meunier, S., Miniussi, C., Miranda, P., Padberg, F., Paulus, W., Peterchev, A., Porteri, C., Provost, M., Quartarone, A., Rotenberg, A., Rothwell, J., Ruohonen, J., Siebner, H., Thut, G., Valls-Solè, J., Walsh, V., Ugawa, Y., Zangen, A., Ziemann, U.
Clin Neurophysiol 120, Pages 2008-2039
Citations: 1462
2007 The mismatch negativity (MMN) in basic research of central auditory processing: A review
Naatanen R., Paavilainen P., Rinne T., Alho K.
Clin Neurophysiol 118, Pages 2544-2590
Citations: 927
2009 Event-related potentials in clinical research: Guidelines for eliciting, recording, and quantifying mismatch negativity, P300, and N400
Duncan, C.C., Barry, R.J., Connolly, J.F., Fischer, C., Michie, P.T., Näätänen, R., Polich, J., Reinvang, I., Van Petten, C.
Clin Neurophysiol 120, Pages 1883-1908
Citations: 377
2008 A P300-based brain-computer interface for people with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
Nijboer, F., Sellers, E.W., Mellinger, J., Jordan, M.A., Matuz, T., Furdea, A., Halder, S., Mochty, U., Krusienski, D.J., Vaughan, T.M., Wolpaw, J.R., Birbaumer, N., Kübler, A.
Clin Neurophysiol 119, Pages 1909-1916
Citations: 329
2008 Electrodiagnostic criteria for diagnosis of ALS
de Carvalho, M., Dengler, R., Eisen, A., England, J.D., Kaji, R., Kimura, J., Mills, K., Mitsumoto, H., Nodera, H., Shefner, J., Swash, M.
Clin Neurophysiol 119, Pages 497-503
Citations: 320
2009  The mismatch negativity: A review of underlying mechanisms
Garrido, M.I., Kilner, J.M., Stephan, K.E., Friston, K.J.
Clin Neurophysiol 120, Pages 453-463
Citations: 318
2008 A brain-actuated wheelchair: Asynchronous and non-invasive Brain-computer interfaces for continuous control of robots
Galán, F., Nuttin, M., Lew, E., Ferrez, P.W., Vanacker, G., Philips, J., Millán, J.d.R.
Clin Neurophysiol 119, Pages 2159-2169
Citations: 294
2007 A fully automated correction method of EOG artifacts in EEG recordings
Schlögl, A., Keinrath, C., Zimmermann, D., Scherer, R., Leeb, R., Pfurtscheller, G.
Clin Neurophysiol 118, Pages 98-104
Citations: 273
2007 The application of graph theoretical analysis to complex networks in the brain
Reijneveld, J.C., Ponten, S.C., Berendse, H.W., Stam, C.J.
Clin Neurophysiol 118, Pages 2317-2331
Citations: 262
2008 The clinical diagnostic utility of transcranial magnetic stimulation: Report of an IFCN committee
Chen, R., Cros, D., Curra, A., Di Lazzaro, V., Lefaucheur, J.-P., Magistris, M.R., Mills, K., Rösler, K.M., Triggs, W.J., Ugawa, Y., Ziemann, U.
Clin Neurophysiol 119, Pages 504-532
Citations: 259
2010 Vestibular evoked myogenic potentials: Past, present and future
Rosengren, S.M., Welgampola, M.S., Colebatch, J.G.
Clin Neurophysiol 121, Pages 636-651
Citations: 242
2007 Small-world networks and epilepsy: Graph theoretical analysis of intracerebrally recorded mesial temporal lobe seizures
Ponten, S.C., Bartolomei, F., Stam, C.J.
Clin Neurophysiol 118, Pages 918-927
Citations: 233
2010 A novel P300-based brain-computer interface stimulus presentation paradigm: Moving beyond rows and columns
Townsend, G., LaPallo, B.K., Boulay, C.B., Krusienski, D.J., Frye, G.E., Hauser, C.K., Schwartz, N.E., Vaughan, T.M., Wolpaw, J.R., Sellers, E.W.
Clin Neurophysiol 121, Pages 1109-1120
Citations: 225
2007 EMG and EOG artifacts in brain computer interface systems: A survey
Fatourechi, M., Bashashati, A., Ward, R.K., Birch, G.E.
Clin Neurophysiol 118, Pages 480- 494
Citations: 223
2007 The after-effect of human theta burst stimulation is NMDA receptor dependent
Huang, Y.-Z., Chen, R.-S., Rothwell, J.C., Wen, H.-Y.
Clin Neurophysiol 118, Pages 1028-1032
Citations: 221
2014  Evidence-based guidelines on the therapeutic use of repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (rTMS)
Lefaucheur, J.-P., André-Obadia, N., Antal, A., Ayache, S.S., Baeken, C., Benninger, D.H., Cantello, R.M., Cincotta, M., de Carvalho, M., De Ridder, D., Devanne, H., Di Lazzaro, V., Filipović, S.R., Hummel, F.C., Jääskeläinen, S.K., Kimiskidis, V.K., Koch, G., Langguth, B., Nyffeler, T., Oliviero, A., Padberg, F., Poulet, E., Rossi, S., Rossini, P.M., Rothwell, J.C., Schönfeldt-Lecuona, C., Siebner, H.R., Slotema, C.W., Stagg, C.J., Valls-Sole, J., Ziemann, U., Paulus, W., Garcia-Larrea, L.       
Clin Neurophysiol 125, Pages 2150- 2206
Citations: 209
2007 EEG differences between eyes-closed and eyes-open resting conditions
Barry, R.J., Clarke, A.R., Johnstone, S.J., Magee, C.A., Rushby, J.A.
Clin Neurophysiol 118, Pages 2765-2773
Citations: 204
2008 Brain-computer interfaces and communication in paralysis: Extinction of goal directed thinking in completely paralysed patients?
Kübler, A., Birbaumer, N.        
Clin Neurophysiol 119, Pages 2658-2666
Citations: 202
2012  A practical guide to diagnostic transcranial magnetic stimulation: Report of an IFCN committee
Groppa, S., Oliviero, A., Eisen, A., Quartarone, A., Cohen, L.G., Mall, V., Kaelin-Lang, A., Mima, T., Rossi, S., Thickbroom, G.W., Rossini, P.M., Ziemann, U., Valls-Solé, J., Siebner, H.R.
Clin Neurophysiol 123, Pages 858-882