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The list below contains the articles from Clinical Neurophysiology in 2014 and 2015 cited most in 2016. Top cited articles from the last ten years are also available.

2014 Evidence-based guidelines on the therapeutic use of repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (rTMS)
Lefaucheur J.-P., Andre-Obadia N., Antal A., Ayache S.S., Baeken C., Benninger D.H., Cantello R.M., Cincotta M., de Carvalho M., De Ridder D., Devanne H., Di Lazzaro V., Filipovic S.R., Hummel F.C., Jaaskelainen S.K., Kimiskidis V.K., Koch G., Langguth B., Nyffeler T., Oliviero A., Padberg F., Poulet E., Rossi S., Rossini P.M., Rothwell J.C., Schonfeldt-Lecuona C., Siebner H.R., Slotema C.W., Stagg C.J., Valls-Sole J., Ziemann U., Paulus W., Garcia-Larrea L.
Clin Neurophysiol 125, Pages 2150–2206 
2015 Non-invasive electrical and magnetic stimulation of the brain, spinal cord, roots and peripheral nerves: Basic principles and procedures for routine clinical and research application: An updated report from an I.F.C.N. Committee
Rossini P.M., Burke D., Chen R., Cohen L.G., Daskalakis Z., Di Iorio R., Di Lazzaro V., Ferreri F., Fitzgerald P.B., George M.S., Hallett M., Lefaucheur J.P., Langguth B., Matsumoto H., Miniussi C., Nitsche M.A., Pascual-Leone A., Paulus W., Rossi S., Rothwell J.C., Siebner H.R., Ugawa Y., Walsh V., Ziemann U.
Clin Neurophysiol 126, Pages 1071- 1107
Citations: 105
2015 TMS and drugs revisited 2014
Ziemann U., Reis J., Schwenkreis P., Rosanova M., Strafella A., Badawy R., Muller-Dahlhaus F.
Clin Neurophysiol 126, Page s15
Citations: 28
2014 Theta and delta band activity explain N2 and P3 ERP component activity in a go/no-go task
Harper J., Malone S.M., Bernat E.M.
Clin Neurophysiol 125, Pages 124-132
Citations: 18
2015 What do you feel if I apply transcranial electric stimulation? Safety, sensations and secondary induced effects
Fertonani A., Ferrari C., Miniussi C.        
Clin Neurophysiol 126, Pages 2181- 2188
Citations: 16
2014 International guidelines for the clinical application of cervical vestibular evoked myogenic potentials: An expert consensus report
Papathanasiou E.S., Murofushi T., Akin F.W., Colebatch J.G.      
Clin Neurophysiol 125, Pages 658-666
Citations: 16
2014 Modelling the electric field and the current density generated by cerebellar transcranial DC stimulation in humans
Parazzini M., Rossi E., Ferrucci R., Liorni I., Priori A., Ravazzani P.  
Clin Neurophysiol 125, Pages 577–584 
Citations: 16
2015 Opportunities and methodological challenges in EEG and MEG resting state functional brain network research
van Diessen E., Numan T., van Dellen E., van der Kooi A.W., Boersma M., Hofman D., van Lutterveld R., van Dijk B.W., van Straaten E.C.W., Hillebrand A., Stam C.J.
Clin Neurophysiol 126, Pages 1468-1481
Citations: 15
2014 Burst-suppression with identical bursts: A distinct EEG pattern with poor outcome in postanoxic coma
Hofmeijer J., Tjepkema-Cloostermans M.C., van Putten M.J.A.M.  
Clin Neurophysiol 125, Pages 947-954
Citations: 15
2014 Heterogeneity of root and nerve ultrasound pattern in CIDP patients
Padua L., Granata G., Sabatelli M., Inghilleri M., Lucchetta M., Luigetti M., Coraci D., Martinoli C., Briani C.     
Clin Neurophysiol 125, Pages 160-165 
Citations: 15
2014 Language mapping in healthy volunteers and brain tumor patients with a novel navigated TMS system: Evidence of tumor-induced plasticity
Rosler J., Niraula B., Strack V., Zdunczyk A., Schilt S., Savolainen P., Lioumis P., Makela J., Vajkoczy P., Frey D., Picht T.        
Clin Neurophysiol 125, Pages 526-536
Citations: 14
2014 Differentiation of specific ripple patterns helps to identify epileptogenic areas for surgical procedures
Kerber K., Dumpelmann M., Schelter B., Le Van P., Korinthenberg R., Schulze-Bonhage A., Jacobs J.       
Clin Neurophysiol 125, Pages 1339–1345 
Citations: 14
2015 Disrupted cortical hubs in functional brain networks in social anxiety disorder
Liu F., Zhu C., Wang Y., Guo W., Li M., Wang W., Long Z., Meng Y., Cui Q., Zeng L., Gong Q., Zhang W., Chen H.    
Clin Neurophysiol 126, Pages 1711-1716
Citations: 13
2014 Nerve ultrasound score in distinguishing chronic from acute inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy
Kerasnoudis A., Pitarokoili K., Behrendt V., Gold R., Yoon M.-S.
Clin Neurophysiol 125, Pages 635-641
Citations: 13
2015 Intra-individual variability in the response to anodal transcranial direct current stimulation
Lopez-Alonso V., Fernandez-del-Olmo M., Costantini A., Gonzalez-Henriquez J.J., Cheeran B.      
Clin Neurophysiol 126, Pages 2342-2347
Citations: 11
2015 The effects of transcranial direct current stimulation in patients with neuropathic pain from spinal cord injury
Ngernyam N., Jensen M.P., Arayawichanon P., Auvichayapat N., Tiamkao S., Janjarasjitt S., Punjaruk W., Amatachaya A., Aree-uea B., Auvichayapat P.
Clin Neurophysiol 126, Pages 382-390 
2015 Muscle ultrasonography as an additional diagnostic tool for the diagnosis of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
Grimm A., Prell T., Decard B.F., Schumacher U., Witte O.W., Axer H., Grosskreutz J.
Clin Neurophysiol 126, Pages 820-827
Citations: 11
2014 Complexity of functional connectivity networks in mild cognitive impairment subjects during a working memory task
Ahmadlou M., Adeli A., Bajo R., Adeli H.
Clin Neurophysiol 125, Pages 694-702 
Citations: 11
2014 Graph theory findings in the pathophysiology of temporal lobe epilepsy
Chiang S., Haneef Z.
Clin Neurophysiol 125, Pages 1295-1305