Awards & Fellowships

Scientific Awards in Clinical Neurophysiology  

  • The M.A.B. Brazier Young Investigator Award and
  • The W.A. Cobb Young Investigator Award 

Under the auspices of the International Federation of Clinical Neurophysiology, Elsevier has established two scientific awards for young clinical Neurophysiologists in honour of M.A.B. Brazier and W.A. Cobb.

The awards are a tribute to Dr Brazier’s and Dr Cobb’s contributions to clinical neurophysiology.


  • Designation as recipient of the M.A.B. Brazier or W.A. Cobb International Award in Clinical Neurophysiology for Young Investigators. An award of US $3500 to be presented at the International Congress of Clinical Neurophysiology, Kobe, Japan, 28 October – 1 November 2010.
  • Awardees will make a short presentation of their work at the Congress.

Eligibility : A young investigator (age limit 40 on 27 October 2010).

Applications Must Include:

  • A current curriculum vitae and verified statement of birth date (e.g. Copy of passport or birth certificate).
  • An original manuscript of a clinical neurophysiology study accepted for publication in Clinical Neurophysiology in which the applicant is the primary investigator and the first author.
  • Manuscripts should be accepted for publication from 1 June 2009 to 9 June 2010.
  • A letter from the candidate stating his/her interest in the competition.

Eligible manuscripts will be reviewed by Editors and final decision about the awards will be made by the Executive Committee of the International Federation of Clinical Neurophysiology.

Following an article’s acceptance for publication, applicants should submit all application material electronically to:

The Brazier and Cobb Young Investigator Awards C/- Professor David Burke

Manuscripts co-authored by a member of the IFCN Executive Committee will not be eligible for either of the two awards.

Deadline for receipt of applications: June 15th , 2010.  Notification of the winners should be about July 1st, 2010

IFCN Fellowships

The IFCN is offering a number of fellowships.  These are available to members of IFCN National Societies, members of ICNS (International Clinical Neurophysiology Society), and only those who have abstracts accepted for the Congress.  Recipients will be awarded a scale of financial awards (depending on country of residence).  The fellowships are offered to assist those who are in training, and applicants should not be more than 40 years of age at the time the Congress starts (candidates must be born on or after October 29, 1970). 

Fellowship Winners:

Name of Society Name of Applicants
Australian and New Zealand Association of Neurologists  Dr. Radwa Badawy 
Brazilian Clinical Neurophysiology Society  Dr. Mônica Carvalho Alcântara
British Society of Clinical Neurophysiology Dr. Verity McClelland
Dr. Elizabeth "Rachel" PUGH
Dr. Vijaykant Jaigopal Verma
Chinese Society of EMG and Clinical Neurolphysiology Dr Liankun Ren
Dr. Xinhong Feng 
Dr. Dongqing Zhu 
Croatian Society for EEG and Clinical Neurophysiology Dr. Ana Branka Šefer 
Dr. Magdalena Krbot 
Cuban Society of Clinical Neurophysiology Dr Carina Diaz Martinez
Dr. Eber Roberto Rodríguez del Toro
Dra. Ana Calzada Reyes
Dra. Yadira Exposito Fernandez
Dr. Otto Trapaga
Czech Society of Clinical Neurophysiology  Dr. Marek Balaz
Dr. Ivica Husarova
Dr. Petr Bednarik
Dr. Martina Bockova
Dr. Lenka Krajcovicova
Danish Society of Clinical Neurophysiology  Dr. Edina Timea Varga
Dr. Jasna Furtula
Dr. Kirsten Pugdahl
Finnish Society of Clinical Neurophysiology  Dr. Selja Vaalto
Dr Atte Joutsen
Dr. Antti Puhakka
Dr. Satu Laaksonen
French Society of Clinical Neurophysiology  Dr. Delphine Boerio
Dr. Perrine Bocquillon
Dr. Berengere Houze
Greek Society Dr. Katerina Papagianni
German Society of Clinical Neurophysiology  Dr. M. Matthias Wittfort 
Dr. Julius Hübl
ICNS Dr. Salah Almubarak
Dr. David Chkhartishvili
Dr. Nino Lobjanidze
Dr. Ghulam Shabbir Dahani
Dr. Sudheera Jayasinghe 
Dr. Erum Shariff 
Mr.Ravi Nulaka 
Dr. Lali Zhizhiashvili
Dr. Abd El-Kader Moumouni
Indian Academy of Neurology Dr Manish Modi
Dr. Subasree
Dr. Amrit Saxena
Dr. Anjaneyulu Kammineni
Iranian Neurological Association - Tehran University of Medical Sciences Dr. Mohammad Baker Dbouk
Dr. Samira Yadegari
Irish Society of Clinical Neurophysiology Dr. McHugh
Israeli Union of Clinical Neurophysiology  Dr. Omer Zarchi
Italian Society Dr. Fabio Giovannelli 
Dr. Giovanna Squintani 
Dr. Camillo Porcaro 
Dr.  Floriana Pichiorri 
Dr. Giovanni Bianco 
Dr. Matteo Feurra 
Dr. Florinda Ferreri 
  1. Takuya Morishita
  2. Yuichi Tamura
  3. Hitoshi Yoshitake
Japanese clinical neurophysiology association 4. Tomoyuki Fumuro
  5. Tomokazu Urakawa
  6. Katsuya Kobayashi
  7. Reiko Miyamoto
  8. Yuichiro Shirota
  9. Sagiri Isose
  10. Yoshikazu Kikuchi
  11. Kazumoto Shibuya
  12. Yu-ichi Noto
  13. Keiichiro Nishida
  14. Koichi Hagiwara
  15. Shigeyuki Kan
  16. Hideyuki Matsumoto
  17. Takashi Murahara
  18. Toshiaki Wasaka
  19. Yuji Sakura
  20. Namiko Nishida
Malaysian Society of Neurosciences Dr. Nortina Shahrizaila
Dr. Thien-Thien Lim
Netherlands, University Medical Center, Amsterdam Dr. Van Straaten 
Mrs Sophie Ponten
Norwegian Society for Clinical Neurophysiology Dr. Maria Nebuchennykh  
Polish Society of Clinical Neurophysiology Dr. Derejko Miroslawa
Dr. Pigonska Justyna
Russian Society Dr. Kirill Smirnov
Dr. Sysoeva Olga
Dr. Marina Ashkinazi
Slovenian Society of Clinical Neurophysiology Dr. Martin Rakusa
Spanish Society Dr. Elena Montes
Dr. Guillermo Martín
Dr. Carina Diéguez
Dr. Lidia Cabañes
Dr. Carmen Martínez
Dr. Sergio García-Urquiza.
Swedish Society  Dr. Åsa Amandusson
Dr. Anna Rostedt Punga
Taiwan Society of Clinical Neurophysiology Dr. Kuan-Lin Lai 

Special Travel Grant

The IFCN is offering financial assistance to a limited number of delegates from disadvantaged countries - so that they may attend the General Assembly in Kobe.  The amount being offered is USD 1000.00 to be used to offset the cost of registration, travel, and hotel accommodation.  No other reimbursement will be considered.  In order to qualify for this assistance, you must be (one of) the voting delegate(s) from your Society.

Application should be made through the IFCN Secretariat:

The final decision will be made by the Executive Committee of the IFCN.

Funds to be disbursed at the time of the Congress.