Nominations 2022–2026

Call for Nominations: IFCN Executive Committee Officers 2022–2026

Nominations are being sought for the election of IFCN Officers for 2022. The officers will be elected in July 2022 by the Societies in good standing.  The term of office will begin in September 2022, following the IFCN Congress. Officers will serve a four-year term.


 The offices and duties, described in the IFCN Bylaws, are as follows:


  1. Serve as the principal executive officer of IFCN.
  2. Oversee the business and affairs of IFCN.
  3. Undertake to ensure that the resolutions and directives of the Executive Committee are carried into effect in those instances in which that responsibility is assigned to some other person by the Executive Committee.
  4. Discharge all duties incident to the office of President and such other duties as may be prescribed by the Executive Committee from time to time; and
  5. Preside at all meetings of members and the Executive Committee and be responsible for scheduling all meetings of the Executive Committee. The President may determine the order of business to be conducted at meetings of the Executive Committee.


  1. Keep all the proceedings of regular and special Executive Committee meetings.
  2. Be the custodian of records of IFCN.
  3. Give or cause to be given notice of all meetings of the members.
  4. Oversee and facilitate the election process for officers and At-large Directors.
  5. Make copies of these Bylaws available for inspection by Member Societies; and
  6. Perform such other duties as requested by the Executive Committee, and the President, and which usually pertain to the office of Secretary. 


  1. Have supervision of all monies, securities, and other valuable properties of the Executive Committee.
  2. Oversee accurate accounts of the receipts and disbursements of the Executive Committee.
  3. Ensure that all monies and other valuable effects are deposited in the name and to the credit of the Executive Committee in such accounts and in such depositories as may be designated by the Executive Committee.
  4. Check monthly the disbursements of funds of the Executive Committee in accordance with authority of the Executive Committee.
  5. Provide written detailed account of the transactions and of the financial condition of the Corporation, including a statement of all its assets, liabilities, and financial transactions; and
  6. Perform such other duties as requested by the Executive Committee, and the President, and which usually pertain to the office of Treasurer.


The individual making the nomination should submit the following information on behalf of the nominee. Self-nominations are welcome.

  • Nominee’s name, title, address, phone number and email address
  • Position applying for: President, Secretary or Treasurer
  • Name of National Society where the nominee is a member
  • Nominee’s CV and bibliography
  • Statement as to why the individual is interested in this position (maximum 300 words)

Submit nominations to the Election Committee, care of Carol Freysinger, IFCN Executive Director, at

The deadline for nominations is February 4, 2022.