The primary educational goal of the IFCN is to provide clinical neurophysiology education delivered in the most optimal format.

IFCN is committed to bringing its members educational tools such as Masterclass webinars, educational video collections and professional connections to aim in providing the utmost excellence in clinical neurophysiology, as well as further understanding the central and peripheral nervous system.

IFCN Masterclass

The Masterclass by IFCN was created in response to a call from IFCN member societies for more high quality, complimentary, online educational content. The series provide presentations from top clinical neurophysiologists around the world, and each includes discussion with the lecturer following the presentation.

Educational Videos by Topic

The IFCN educational videos comprise of the IFCN Masterclass series, IFCN-endorsed neurophysiology meetings and in partnership with leading experts in the field. They have been made possible by the kind permission of each speakers. The educational videos are made available to healthcare professionals for educational purposes only, with the understanding that the contents are not modified or reproduced without prior written authorisation of the copyright owner.

The educational resource presented may contain copyrighted material whose use has not been specifically authorized by the copyright owner. We believe this constitutes a “fair use” of the copyrighted material in our efforts to advance knowledge in the field of neurosciences including clinical neurophysiology. If your copyrighted material appears on this website and you disagree with our assessment that it constitutes "fair use”, please contact us.

All videos are available for viewing for free after registering with our website. Please log in or create an IFCN account at the top of this page.

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For any inquiries regarding IFCN Education please contact:
Lynn Liu - Education Committee Co-Chair :
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AANEM announces their training Program Partnership

The Training Program Partnership (TPP) provides training program participants with access to hundreds of learning materials from the AANEM. In addition to exclusive educational content, residents and fellows participating in the TPP receive FREE AANEM membership as well as significant discounts on AANEM Annual Meeting registration and other educational products.

To be eligible to participate in a TPP program, international non-profit/government entities must:

  • Pay a TPP joining fee of $253 USD.
  • The TPP term runs on the US academic year calendar, July 1 – June 30
  • Assign one primary program director – The primary director will receive access to monitor the progress of each trainee and will receive the AANEM Annual Meeting Discount.
  • Include up to four assistant directors – Assistant directors will receive access to monitor the progress of each trainees. They are not eligible to receive the AANEM Annual Meeting discount.
  • The maximum number of physicians in training enrolled in the TPP program at any one time is 40. The program director/assistant director(s) will have access to add/remove participants to the program anytime though out the academic year.
  • The maximum number of years a trainee is eligible to participate in a TPP program is 6 years.

AANEM  will accept governmental or other non-profit organizations, outside the United States, to participate in the AANEM Training Program Partnership.

For more information and to apply.

Training Program Partnership | AANEM