Election Committee

The purpose of the Election Committee is to make recommendations for future candidates to serve as Directors on the IFCN Executive Committee. The Immediate Past President serves as the chair of the Election Committee. Each Chapter appoints two representatives from their Chapter to serve on the Election Committee. The Election Committee  solicits nominations from the Chapters and Societies, and  recommends to the Executive Committee candidates for open IFCN officers and Director positions. The Societies ultimately cast their votes on the slate approved by the ExCo. 

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee serves an important function. The Finance Committee is charged with monitoring the financial health of the Federation and ensuring that its assets are protected, its resources are used properly, and that the Federation complies with all applicable laws and reporting requirements. Its duties include: reviewing the draft annual operating budget; meeting with the independent accounting auditor by conference call once a year to review the annual audit or financial review; and to draft IFCN financial and investment policies and recommend policy changes to the Federation Executive Committee. The committee is chaired by the elected IFCN Treasurer, and the four regional Chapter Treasurers are the committee members.

Rules Committee

The purpose of the Rules Committee is to make certain the Component Groups’ bylaws remain in compliance with the IFCN operations. The Rules Committee periodically reviews the Components’ bylaws and the standard operating procedures of the Federation and makes recommendations, if necessary, to the ExCo for their amendment.

Education Committee

The Education Committee aims to promote education and good clinical practice in clinical neurophysiology, and to report to and respond to the IFCN Executive Committee on educational initiatives. The Education Committee and the Education SIG have overlapping but different remits, though similar aims, and work together in a complementary manner.

Guidelines Committee

The Guidelines Committee aims to identify and review topics in clinical neurophysiology that require guidelines or concensus publications. The Guidelines Committee will determine suitable criteria for submissions as well as review proposals or documents submitted for endorsement.

Research Committee

The aim of the Research Committee is to increase development and innovation in clinical neurophysiology, through fostering and supporting research.The ultimate goal is to increase awareness of clinical neurophysiology research in hopes to attract a younger generation in the field.

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