Special Interest Groups

The IFCN has five Special Interest Groups (SIG). Information about these groups can be found by clicking on the SIG you are interested in.

Example of a scalp topography (middle) with corresponding ear-topographies (left and right). The topographies were calculated using an individualized ear-EEG forward model as described by Kappel et al.

Advanced EEG-MEG Techniques in Clinical Neurophysiology

The SIG focuses on the use of advanced techniques for the spatial, temporal, and frequency analyses of EEG/MEG activity in Clinical Neurophysiology for research and clinical applications


Brain Stimulation (BS-SIG)

The SIG focuses on all forms of brain stimulation techniques.


Brainstem (BSS)

The Brainstem Society was founded in the 1990s by a group of clinicians and researchers devoted to the brainstem.



The Education SIGs aims to improve education and training of Clinical Neurophysiologists.


Nerve & Muscle Excitability SIG

The newest IFCN SIG, this group focuses on exploring new ways of studying the bioelectric activity of the nervous system.